Cities with Free Tour Guides in South America

Exploring new cities is an exhilarating experience, and it gets even better when you have a knowledgeable guide to lead you through the streets and stories of a foreign land. In South America, a continent rich with culture, history, and breathtaking landscapes, several cities offer free tour guides to help visitors connect with their surroundings meaningfully and affordably. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a curious first-timer, these free walking tours provide a valuable opportunity to learn from local experts who are passionate about their hometowns.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, with its vibrant blend of cultures and European architecture, offers several free walking tours that cater to different interests. Visitors can explore the historical district, starting at the iconic Obelisk and making their way through the broad avenues lined with impressive buildings like the Teatro Colón, one of the world's finest opera houses.

Another popular route includes the colorful La Boca neighborhood, where tango dancers perform in the streets, and brightly painted houses provide a photogenic backdrop. For those interested in the political history of Argentina, tours often visit Plaza de Mayo, site of many significant political events, and offer stories about Evita Perón and other key figures. These tours usually last 2-3 hours and provide a comprehensive introduction to the city's history and culture.

Free walking tours in Buenos Aires

Santiago, Chile

In Santiago, the capital of Chile, free walking tours help visitors understand both its colonial past and its rapid modern development. The tours typically start in the heart of the city at Plaza de Armas, where guides discuss the founding of Santiago and its evolution. Highlights often include the stunning Santiago Cathedral, the historic Central Post Office, and the nearby Palacio de la Real Audiencia, which houses the National History Museum.

Another significant stop is the Mercado Central, known for its fresh seafood and vibrant atmosphere. For those interested in modern history and politics, some tours cover the area around La Moneda, the presidential palace, with discussions on Chile's political upheavals and its path to recovery. These tours are not only educational but also give tips on where to find the best Pisco Sour in the city.

Free walking tours in Santiago

Lima, Peru

Lima's free walking tours are a feast for history buffs and food lovers alike. Starting from the main square, Plaza Mayor, these tours take visitors through the historic center, with stops at the imposing Cathedral of Lima and the ornate Archbishop's Palace. Guides share stories of the city's foundation and its importance in the Spanish Empire.

For those more inclined towards culinary adventures, some tours focus on Peruvian cuisine, visiting local markets like Mercado Central where participants can try exotic fruits and traditional snacks. Another popular aspect of Lima’s tours is a visit to the bohemian Barranco district, known for its vibrant street art, charming cafes, and the famous Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs).

Free walking tours in Lima

Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá's free tour guides take visitors through a mix of historical and contemporary attractions. The historic La Candelaria neighborhood is a common starting point, with its colonial churches and museums like the Museo Botero, which houses works by Fernando Botero and other artists. Many tours include a visit to Plaza Bolívar, the city's main square, surrounded by significant buildings like the Capitolio Nacional.

For those interested in a more unique experience, Bogotá also offers themed tours such as the graffiti tour, showcasing the city's internationally recognized street art scene, and cycling tours that take advantage of Bogotá's extensive network of bike paths. These tours not only provide a deeper understanding of the city’s culture but also highlight its efforts in urban sustainability and artistic expression.

Free walking tours in Bogotá

Quito, Ecuador

Quito’s free walking tours are an ideal way to experience its well-preserved historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The tours often start at the Independence Plaza, flanked by the Carondelet Palace and the Metropolitan Cathedral. Highlights include the ornate Compañía de Jesús Church, which is adorned with gold leaf and showcases the baroque architecture that characterizes the city.

For a panoramic view of Quito, some tours offer walks up to the Basilica del Voto Nacional’s towers. Additionally, themed tours such as the 'Quito Legends and Anecdotes Tour' provide insights into the local folklore and mysterious stories associated with old Quito, adding an intriguing element to the historical narrative. These tours not only explore the architectural marvels but also delve into the everyday lives and traditions of Quito’s residents, past and present.

Free walking tours in Quito

La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz, the administrative capital of Bolivia, is a city of dramatic contrasts, set against the backdrop of the towering Andes Mountains. It's not just the high altitude that takes visitors' breath away but also its vibrant street life and rich cultural tapestry. Free walking tours in La Paz often start in the heart of the city at Plaza Murillo, where the Presidential Palace, the National Congress of Bolivia, and the Cathedral of La Paz are located.

These tours provide insights into Bolivia's complex political history while also highlighting the unique geography of the city, which stretches over varying elevations. A favorite among tourists is the visit to the famous Witches' Market, where local vendors sell a myriad of items from traditional medicines to talismans for Andean rituals. Guides are keen to explain the indigenous Aymara culture and their traditions which continue to influence the city.

Another significant aspect covered in La Paz's free tours is the city's contemporary urban culture, including street art and food. Visitors are often taken to taste local specialties like salteñas (a type of Bolivian empanada) and to see vibrant murals that depict both historical and modern themes, reflecting the city's ongoing cultural evolution. The use of cable cars as public transport, offering stunning views across the cityscape, is highlighted as an example of La Paz's modernization.

Free walking tours in La Paz

Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca, in southern Ecuador, is another city that offers a unique experience through its free tour guides. Known for its stunning colonial architecture and as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cuenca captivates with its charming streets and vibrant cultural scene. Free walking tours in Cuenca often cover its historical center, where elaborate churches like the blue-domed Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción stand as testaments to the city’s colonial past.

The tours might also include visits to local art galleries and artisan workshops, particularly those producing the famous Panama hats, which are actually of Ecuadorian origin. Walking along the Tomebamba River, which cuts through the city and offers scenic views and tranquil spots, is a highlight for many visitors. Cuenca’s tour guides provide a deep dive into the city's artistic contributions and historical significance, making it an enriching stop for those looking to explore beyond the typical tourist paths.

Free walking tours in Cuenca


Using free tour guides in cities like the ones described not only enriches your travel experience but also supports local economies and promotes cultural exchange. These guides provide insights that you might miss when exploring alone, making your journey through South America both memorable and meaningful. So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and prepare for an adventure that promises to be as enlightening as it is exciting!